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St Mary's Church, Monnington on Wye, Herefordshire

The name Monnington (and variant Monington) originates from Monnington on Wye in Herefordshire, England. Although the family moved from this location early on individuals with the name were mostly living in the Welsh Marches until the twentieth century.


On this site you will find much of what I know about Mon(n)ington families worldwide. What you will not find is information about living or possibly living individuals. But I am interested in you so if you are a Mon(n)ington or are descended from one then please contact me; I welcome additional information, corrections and comments.

My introduction to the families was from finding my wife’s great great grandmother Sarah Monnington born in 1811 at Leintwardine, Herefordshire. We traced her ancestors back to William Monnington who died in 1669 at Lingen, Herefordshire. I have traced many of his descendants and several other families and individuals. It is of course a work in progress and regular updates will be made.

I have a DNA project set up and would very much like to hear from any male Mon(n)ington interested in taking a Y-DNA test. If you are a male or female Mon(n)ington descendant and take or have taken an autosomal DNA test then you may find cousins with whom you share Mon(n)ington ancestors. The project website is Monnington DNA Project.

If you wish to find out more about the families that married my wife’s Monnington ancestors then please see My Stevenson Ancestors Web Site.

For more information about one-name studies go to The Guild of One-Name Studies.

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A Group of Monnington Graves at Wigmore Churchyard, Herefordshire

The families moved from their original location to other parts of Herefordshire and adjacent counties as well as London and USA. Later some moved to the industrial centre of Birmingham and the Black Country.